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The Reasons of Why Using a Tablet Cause Eye Strain

The touchscreen trending started with MP3 players and moved to cell phones. Those devices’ screens were too small, though, so the tablet was invented. Tablet is a device with a more larger screen size for video gaming, Internet surfing, reading and even face-to-face conferencing, and it can support many of the same office and business software that a modern and professional computer does.

For some people, these puts almost the entire world at their fingertips and provides them infinite possibilities that are coming from the reformation and innovation of the information technology. No longer is there the need to use a desktop computer to check for new mails. Tablets, while more limited in their performances and capabilities than laptops, offer users the ability to take their work or play on the road or couch in home and utilize a lightweight device that can easily be tucked away or set aside when the real world takes priority.

Unfortunately, if certain precautions are not followed, the versatility of these portable and handheld devices may occasionally be overshadowed by the disruptive physical influence they can due to too much or improper and incorrect use. Tablet owners have reported that overuse seems to have resulted in some problems in their fingers, wrists, and also neck, and a vast majority of report issues related to eye strain. Gratefully, all of these issues seem to be temporary and enormously diminish when a better practice is implemented in using tablets.

However, what does a better practice means? Well, for the issue of eye strain especially, some of it boils down to the intuitive and obvious answers of limiting the length of time spent staring at tablets and the inappropriate light settings. Whereas, these totally are not the only safeguards, and a few reasons in which tablets bring about eye strain might be surprising.

First of all, lighting is a main factor contributing to eye strain, both the light coming from the device itself and that from the surroundings. While it is true that eye strain is not a permanent situation and should subside without lasting effects, light is damaging to the eye, and whenever possible, steps should be taken to avoid overexposure. Some of the strain caused by light will be reduced just by limiting the time that is spent using such a device.

Secondly, screen resolution is also a principal factor contributing to eye strain. The human eye focuses in on fine details, so when screen resolution is not rich enough, the eye actually focuses to see the pixels before refocusing on the larger picture. This kind of focusing and refocusing happens without being noticed and tires the eye faster than viewing a high resolution screen. Therefore, do not buy a tablet which with a low resolution screen, it will probably damage your eyes. When you searching a new tablet on eBay, Ali Express or OnSale4Ever, you need to read the tablet’s specification carefully, and choose a better one for the sake of protecting your eyes.

Moreover, another aspect of using a tablet that contributes to eye strain is that a tablet is held close to the eyes, much closer than a TV, a desktop screen, or even a book or newspaper. When the tablet is held close, at around 12 to 18 inches from the face, the eyes must focus inward. This kind of focus places strain on the ocular muscles, which can fatigue them rapidly.

Last but not the least, another reason why eyes experience discomfort while using a tablet is that they become dry due to the fact that people who view a screen blink three to five times less often than they do normally. After a while, the user’s eyes become irritated from the dryness and may feel scratchy and tired. These symptoms attribute to eye strain when not dealt with.